From Flies; or, the Last Days, D___h and Putrefaction of Mr. Sam Jeden

as Narrated by Eight Generations of Musca Domestica




1. No fly has ever committed murder (or suicide).

2. Really, what can we possibly do? lick you to death?

3. We are all of a piece & always unconnected.

4. What one fly learns, another fly knows.

5. What one fly experiences, another fly calls upon.


6. A flies never sees another fly as an enemy.

7. Because our lives are so short, flies don’t experience

old age: our final days are pretty much like our first,

maybe a little less bouncy and a lot less earnest: but

no arthritis, no psoriasis about the elbows knees & dick,


no athlete’s foot, no sciatica, no prostate the size

of a meatloaf, no gingivitis, no bone loss, no shingles.

8. There is no lord of the flies.

9. Every fly is remembered; none goes down in history.

10. What are there more of: flies or poets?