The cast in rehearsal for a production

of My Nose and Me at the University

of Connecticut, November 13, 2008.



The cast of My Nose and Me produced

at the AWP Convention on February 2, 2008.

Holding the nose is director Bernie Sahlins.


My Nose and Me appears in the June 2010

edition of Midway Journal.


Final Scene from

My Nose and Me

 [A TragedyLite or TragiDelight in 33 Scenes]





Scene 33: Follow Up. In which life goes on.



Joy has slipped away, water through fingers.

Those sublime blue skies have been pushed aside.

Floods recede, leaving fishes stuck in mud.

There’s an end to gushing, overflowing.

You know, it really lasts only so long,

This new reappreciation of life.

Even the fear of death is a twitching

In a barely remembered dream. What stays,

What takes the place of brilliance and color

Is everyday gray. What happens? What makes

Us fall from those excited states? Is it

Fatigue? Is it we’re uncomfortable

With too much pure energy and wonder?

Instead of dread: discomfort. Instead of

Joy: a gray happiness, a small gray smile,

Not anything too reminiscent of pain.

Time to go then, into the evening, gray,

Grayer, grayest. One gets used to it.

It’s not so bad really. I mean, joy is

Kind of an unreal sensation, almost

Well, artificial. Give me the real thing

Any day. Nothing fancy. I don’t need

Much, a nice day, a wren singing, a cat,

A walk to the post office, shrimp scampi,

A vodka at four, a good film or book,

Some good friends, a good night’s sleep. I don’t need

The world to move. All I need is the world.