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Martha Playing Wiffleball in Her Wedding Dress

Encircle Publications, 2017



Missing Persons

Encircle Publications, 2015




Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012




Mr. Z., Mrs. Z., J.Z., S.Z.

Ugly Duckling Presse, 2011


Barney and Gienka

CW Books, 2010



Further Adventures of My Nose

Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008

Out of print.You can read an online version at Ugly Duckling Presse


The Hat City after Men Stopped Wearing Hats

WordWorks, 2006



Watching Cartoons Before Attending a Funeral

White Pine Press, 2003


Martha Playing Wiffleball in Her Wedding Dress

“This book of quirky and deeply human voices also stuns us in poem after poem with an exhilarating play of language, pathos, and wit.” —George Drew


“crisp, evocative, musical lines” where “we see the wonder and pathos of ordinary life—and extraordinary lives.” —Stephen Campiglio, founder of the Mishi-Maya-Gat Spoken Word & Music Series



Missing Persons - winner of Encircle Publications 2015 (5th Annual) Chapbook Contest

John Surowiecki is one of our bravest and most humane poets. He is a master of of the elegy, and his considerable talents are on display in Missing Persons, a chapbook that echoes with the music of other lives—lively mazurkas and lonely soprano solos alike. —Shelley Puhak, author of Guinevere in Baltimore, winner of the 2014 Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize



Flies or, the Last Days, D___h and Putrefaction of Mr. Sam Jeden as Narrated by 8 Generations of Musca Domestica

A study of old age and loneliness from a fly’s perspective.



Mr. Z., Mrs. Z., J.Z., S.Z.

A compilation of poems about the Z. family from John’s three books; contains original poems as well, including "Playing Miniature Golf with J.Z. after Helen Left Him for a Merchant Marine: A Poem in Eighteen Holes."



Barney and Gienka

“…John Surowiecki takes the gyroscope of illness and sets it to a slow, sad spin that is both beautiful and wrenching.”—Sandra Beasley



Further Adventures of My Nose

“A gutsy chapbook about a terrifying illness by a skilled and humane poet” —Laurie Rosenblatt



The Hat City After Men Stopped Wearing Hats

“We read Suroweicki’s poems and are necessarily bewitched… ” —George Drew



Watching Cartoons before Attending a Funeral

“He 'lowers a lens' and we see what has been there all along, so self-evident yet willfully avoided” —C.D. Wright




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